EveryMon is priced based on usage, the more you use the product,
the greater the discount and ROI.

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EveryMon Alert Reduction

How we delivered over 350% ROI for one company

  • 259 processed per month.

  • 228 alerts filtered away per month. (89% noisy alerts)

  • 31 genuine alerts sent on to helpdesk per month. (11% genuine)

  • 9.5 hours of work saved at $31 IT salary an hour.

  • $294 per month saved.

  • $3528 per year saved for our client’s company, EveryMon itself costed them $763.32 for the year.

  • A net gain of $2764 extra in their IT budget (362.1915% ROI to be exact)

We will configure EveryMon for you at no cost

We will configure it based on your organisation, infrastructure and needs so that you can get the most from EveryMon.
Prefer to configure it yourself? No problem! Just select the relevant option during sign up

  • Process every type of alert

  • Unlimited user accounts

  • Urgent notifications by SMS

  • No onboarding fees or surprises

  • Support available every day

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