EveryMon Security Practices

During early access we have taken precautions to ensure that the security of your data and the alerts you process are secured but we cannot gurantee there will not be security gaps due to unknown vulnerabilities in our code-base.

If you intend to pass data through the platform that is highly sensitive and requires high levels of security, it would be wise to wait until we have completed early access.

Examples of some of the measures we have taken


We have structured the application so that user data is tightly controlled based on your specific tenant and user permissions. We have a granular permission system and the user has to be authorized to perform every task in the system. We monitor all our services for suspicious activity.


We have implemented controls and monitoring to ensure that our data handling, privacy and terms of service are adhered to by all staff. Data security must be maintained at all times by protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data.


We do not sell any data to third parties, all data is used explicity as stated in our privacy policy (link in footer) and we are compliant with EU GDPR and the US CCPA.

We do not currently have a bug bounty program

We have not implemented a formal bug bounty program but if you have found an issue affecting our platform or service, please contact our team using the email address below. If we need to use encrypted and verified communications to discuss the bug/exploit we will let you know the details.

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