EveryMon Solves Alert Fatigue
For IT Teams

31.9% of IT pros get too many alerts, which means they ignore them.
You can cut back on the alerts you receive and save hours of time a month.

From backup to security, hardware to applications, process every email alert with EveryMon.

What you get with EveryMon

Know which IT systems are working

We filter and process every email alert so you only hear from us if there is an issue to solve.

Increase reliability and lower downtime.

Never miss (or forget) a key alert again

If a success/failure email is not received by our system, we log that as it indicates a problem.

How many alerts do you miss?

Save hours of time and gain reliability

Some organisations receive more than 300 alerts per day of which only 23 need any action to be taken.

Make your IT systems more reliable.

Granular User Permissions

Custom user roles and permissions as standard, by design you can allow certain users to view, edit or admin specific features.

Conditional Logic

Process any type of email alert. Use your own conditional logic (We do have templates coming soon for hundreds of off the shelf products)

Limitless Alert Processing

Process tens of thousands of alerts easily and quickly. Use EveryMon for those critical line of business applications.

How IT Pros use EveryMon in three steps

Point your alerts at EveryMon

From your backup software, security products and any app you have that generates email notifications. Point them all at EveryMon

Configure your policies in EveryMon

Decide what happens when an alert is received, you control and set what level of reaction is needed by your team.

Enjoy the benefits of EveryMon

You gain time back for more important projects and that added peace of mind that your IT systems are working as expected.

Meet the founders of EveryMon

Bryn Moorhouse
Bryn MoorhouseChief Executive Officer
Sets the vision, Leads the team, Enjoys skiing when he can.

Bryn developed the original idea for EveryMon and built a prototype in 2018, after seeing how much time it saved his team, work began on making it available to every IT pro.

Breffni Potter
Breffni PotterGrowth Director
Focuses on users, Talks about EveryMon, Reluctant mountain climber.

Breffni started working with Bryn to share EveryMon with IT pros around the world. With a combination of business and technical skills, he takes great pleasure in showing off EveryMon to even the most diehard sceptic.

Oliver Cooper
Oliver CooperTechnical Director
Architects systems, Develops features, Loves the outdoors.

Oliver joined the team to take ownership of software engineering and has managed to create something that is lightning fast, easy to use while keeping a modular format that makes upgrades and security a priority.

Read about our story and why we built EveryMon

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