About us – Meet the founders of EveryMon

Bryn Moorhouse
Bryn MoorhouseChief Executive Officer
Sets the vision, Leads the team, Enjoys skiing when he can.

Bryn developed the original idea for EveryMon and built a prototype in 2018, after seeing how much time it saved his team, work began on making it available to every IT pro.

Breffni Potter
Breffni PotterOperations Director
Focuses on user journey,

Breffni started working with Bryn to share EveryMon with IT pros around the world. Comes from a managed IT services (MSP) background.

Oliver Cooper
Oliver CooperTechnical Director
Architects systems, Develops features, Loves the outdoors.

Oliver joined the team to take ownership of software engineering and has managed to create something that is lightning fast, easy to use while keeping a modular format that makes upgrades and security a priority.

We remove the human error that comes with alert fatigue

In the Target breach of 2014, which cost the company $252 million and led to the resignation of its CIO and CEO, an alert reported the breach. Due to the high volume of alerts and the frequency of false alarms, the IT security team ignored it.

A survey by Security Intelligence in 2018 found that 72% of teams led by CISOs faced alert fatigue. Trivial alerts plague IT staff globally.

We help you catch problems before they cause harm.

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We cut down on noisy alerts

The average enterprise faces 2,543 flagged log items per month, of which only 23 need action. Some organisations receive more than 300 alerts per day.

Alert Fatigue is when alerts via email/text/app get generated so often that the person receiving alerts becomes dull to them. Some cybersecurity teams receive one million alerts per day.

We cut down on the volume of alerts.

With EveryMon you can focus on keeping your data safe

In the case of one business, the IT manager did not receive his email alerts regarding failed backups. If there had been an outage, they would have lost nearly £10k per hour in lost sales orders.

The backups were not working for three days, which meant £720k of sales orders would be lost.

Never miss the important alerts again.


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We’ll save you time every day

How much time does the average IT pro spend checking alerts? Whether for data backups or security systems, even an SMB IT pro will spend hours per month on email alerts alone.

We are working on integrations with vendors and ticketing systems to provide a fully automated setup.


Cut down on noisy alerts
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